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Hello, I’m Coach Em. My journey has been anything but smooth. Years ago, I faced a major health crisis, gaining 150 pounds and losing hope. Yet, over 11 months, I lost 120 pounds, beat my illness, and even became a boxing champ. Change is possible, no matter where you are. I’m here to inspire and support you on your own journey. Let’s discover your strength together.

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Absolutely! I started my weight loss journey with just home workouts too.  When you join the program we will go in-depth about you, your goals, and your lifestyle and tailor the plan to you so you are set up for success.

Every BODY is different. After joining the program we will discuss you, your goals, and your exercise history to come up with a workout plan curated to you and your lifestyle.

That’s what this program is all about! We will be tracking your progress with a weekly check-in as well as daily chatting.

Absolutely.  When you join the program we will send you an in-depth onboarding form where we ask you for your dietary restrictions and preferences. Our nutrition team and our coaches will make sure the meal plan caters to these restrictions/preferences that way you are eating foods you enjoy! We are all about building those sustainable habits and enjoying the process.

I have been through this journey a million times and one day I decided to start and never stop. I have been in your shoes and know what it’s like to feel lost and hopeless on your journey. I have a huge heart and will work hard every day to help you prove to yourself that you are capable of anything you set your mind too.

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